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If you’re shopping for Cross Country Skis and Nordic Skis, you will enjoy our Nordic or Cross Country Skis Category. Browse through our selection of nordic skis for your vintage ski decor. Our cross country wood skis are mostly hickory laminated skis that span the decades. These skis are always changing, as they are one of a kind. So if you see something you like, get them now as they may be gone tomorrow. We try to stock the classic Norwegian / Scandinavian and American made Cross Country Skis for your home and lodge décor.
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1970s Head Vintage Cross Country Skis 1970's Head Vintage Cross Country Skis

The first Madshus skis were made from single pieces of wood, trimmed, carved and finished with hand tools. Some of the tools used in this traditional production are still found on display at the present Madshus factory in the town of Biri. Even in the earliest days of Madshus skis, with little distinction between Nordic and Alpine styles of skiing, Madshus was a leader in innovation. Major advances in construction came in the form of glued laminate skis in 1934. This multiple- layer construction gave more strength, lighter weight and more mobility to skis. Madshus moved the factory to Lillehammer in 1936. Size: 190 cm.

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1970s Janoy Vintage Cross Country Skis 1970's Janoy Vintage Cross Country Skis

Åsnes made Janoy skis in Norway for distribution in the United States. Jan E. Haug started the company with his company name on them, "Janoy". His name was Jan (he was from Norway) E. Haug. His business partner who knew nothing about the ski industry or the sport, was Floyd Hedding. They put their names together to form "Janoy" back in the early 1970's. These are in great condition with lignostone edges and have Rottefella 3 pin bindings. Size: 195 cm  long.

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1970s Kongsberg Vintage Hickory Nordic Skis, Size: 185 cm long. 1970's Kongsberg Vintage Hickory Nordic Skis

"Kongsberg" ski factory started in 1939, although it operated under a different name for 10 years prior. Ski jumper Sigurd Hoff had managed the Brødrene Hoff ski factory in Rollag, Norway for ten years. When Sigurd moved the business to Kongsberg, it was natural to change the name of the ski brand. He thought that Kongsberg sounded better, The name was good for advertising and had a kind of seal of approval because ski jumpers from there dominated the national and international ski scene. Size - 185 cm long

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1970s Skilom Vintage Nordic Touring Skis 1970's Skilom Vintage Nordic Touring Skis

In 1971 The Madshus Ski Company created the Skilom ski brand. The Anderson and Thompson Ski Company or Seattle Washington imported Skilom skis to the US. The Europeans wanted to dominate the US market by creating a special brand for the United States. Skilom sold ski packages which included the bindings, boots, and poles. These red Nordic skis were very popular. This is a really nice pair of old Norwegian cross country skis, made out of hickory with lignostone edges and Skilom 3 pin bindings. Take a spin on these in your next vintage ski race.
Size - 220 CM long.

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1973 Sigmund Ruud Vintage Hickory Nordic Skis with Rottefella 3 Pin Bindings 1973 Sigmund Ruud Vintage Hickory Nordic Skis

Sigmund Ruud (December 30, 1907 - Apr 7, 1994) was Norwegian ski jumper born in Kongsberg, Norway, Sigmund Ruud, with his brothers Birger and Asbjørn, dominated ski jumping in the 1920's and 1930's. Sigmund Ruud worked for two years in a sport shop in Prague, eighteen years in Zurich and joined Gresvig Ski Company in Oslo by winter of 1931. Later, he opened his own ski making company in Oslo. Size -200cm long

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