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Below is a sampling of our favorite vintage and classic skis, both existing in our collection and previously sold through our online store (to browse our huge store for gifts or collectibles, please use the menu to left).

This page only displays vintage skis, please use the links to left to view our antique ski poles, vintage ski boots, and more.

Hickory Ridgetop Skis -- 1940s
Hickory Ridgtop Skis

These ridgetop wood skis have crafty through-rivets that reinforce the steel edge joints. Perhaps customized by a ski-tech of the day, in return for a six-pack? A red numeral 8 is painted on the binding plate. Beautiful 1940s planks. Good condition, 79 inches long.

Testa St. Moritz -- Branded Wooden Vintage Skis

Testa vintage skis, logo plate.
Testa logo badge is ultimate!
From Sporthaus Testa in St. Moritz, these beauties were top-line planks sold only to elite customers.

Toe iron is black enameled, foot plate is brass. Model badge says TESTA Sporthaus St. Moritz.

Skis with a recognizable brand or model are desirable for collecting or decorating -- and these fine woodies fit the bill.

More, if the skis are somewhat unique, it give them that extra something.

Children's Skis -- A and T Brand

Nice pair of wooden kid's skis, with red paint under foot area. They're made of maple -- lovely! We don't know the significance of the triangle design under the foot on these children's skis and those below, but it's interesting to observe. Good condition, about 2 3/4 x 52 inches.

JC Higgens Branded Children's Skis

Branded antique skis are the most desirable for collecting or decorating. More, antique children's skis are much harder to find than adult models. These cover it all -- excellent! Well used condition, Higgins logo mostly intact on one tip, missing on other, 54 inches long.

Northland with Cubco Bindings

Northland hickory skis with interesting top grooves and Cubco bindings. Rustic condition, 73 inches long.

Red Fischer Antique Skis with Tyrolia Bindings

The wooden look gave way to more colorful skis in the 1950s, and these are a beautiful example. The Tyrolia bear-trap bindings are works of old-world craft art from Austria. These were collector Richard Allen's personal race skis, which he skied in a few antique ski races, including the Tomba Tour in Aspen CO, where he skied against Alberto Tomba and almost won! 82 inches long, approx. 3 inches wide.

Head Standard Skis -- Early Version

Head Standards were the first composite ski to achieve diverse popularity, and were the direct result of American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Howard Head. This pair is of early vintage, with a wide bottom groove. These collector skis are mounted with the famous Cubco binding, which was the first 'latch in' binding, leading directly to true step-in bindings. This pair is 205 cm long, normal wear from use, engraved with personal name on top skin between tip and binding. Every collector needs a pair of Head Standards. Shop our store for yours (see menu to left)!

Beautiful Unmounted Hickory Ken Wel Vintage Skis

This exceptional pair of collector Ken Wel skis has never been drilled. Made in Portland, OR. Vintage late 1930s, in good condition, moderate storage wear. 80 inches long, approx. 3 inches wide. Unmounted skis are the ultimate for the serious collector.
Skis are engraved with "6 3/4 105 Hickory."
Nice decal on tips.

Rossignol Haute Route Skis

The Haute Route ski was the backcountry and heli-skiing standard for a long period in the 1970s. One of the first modern task-specific alpine touring skis, the Haute Route was developed as a high-tipped metal sandwich ski that could handle wild snow with aplomb. As a thin metal sandwich its weight was reasonable, and it became popular. The Haute Route is a beautiful ski, with glowing red top-sheet and gold lettering. This pair is in good condition, with normal wear from moderate use. Engraved just ahead of binding with words 'Le'Equipe Demo 195.' Le'Equipe was a well liked 'skier's' ski shop that existed in Aspen during the 1970s and 1980s. These skis are 195cm, mounted with Salomon 747 (classic bindings as well).

Rossignol ski company was founded by Eugene Rossignol in 1856 as a manufacturer of wooden weaving equipment. His son, Abel Rossignol, took over the business and in 1909 won a prize for ski manufacturing. Abel then founded a ski and sled manufacturing company to complement his existing business. In 1936 Rossignol became known for the Emile Allais ski, a famous racing plank used by many racers, including Emile Allais when he won the World Championships in Chamonix in 1937. The French are known for their love of ski mountaineering, so along with their famous racing skis such as the Stratto, Rossignol has almost always produced something for the touring crowd.

Vintage Wood Skis with Dovre Kabel Bindings

This must have been a nice lean-and-mean rig in its time.

This pair of antique wooden skis have a unique vintage binding made by Dovre, circa 1930. The binding has a simple toe unit that was designed to allow a bit of safety release by allowing the toe of the boot to pop out during a fall. It did not provide reliable release, and was eventually replaced by true safety bindings such as the Ski Free and Cubco. These skis are well worn and have a pleasant 'used' feel. One of the pair is missing a small section of metal edge on the base. 80 inches long, approx. 3 inches wide.

This model of Dovre included a unique toe iron.

Vintage Montgomery Ward Skis with Single Pole

Rare early Montgomery Ward skis with one of the stout single bamboo poles used in the early days. Skis are well used but intact, dark brown, 3 x 70 inches, pole 54 inches. It's amazing what early skiers could do wtih such minimal gear.

10th Mountain Division Northland Skis with Poles - Skis dated 1943

WWII 10th Mountain Division, metal edge Northland skis with Windco bindings and white 10th Mountain Division poles. These skis were white for camouflage in the snow, as the troopers fought WWII in the winter in Europe. Used condition, 3 x 82 inches. Poles 58 inches.

Peterborough Canoe Company Antique Skis

These vintage 1930s planks have a classic heritage that is Canadian to the core. Not only are they beautifully crafted from 7 feet of fine Ash wood, but include a small plaque with the Peterborough Canoe Company slogan 'skis, toboggans, decoys,' harkening back to the day when outdoor men and women switched between the fine snowsports of sledding and “skeeing,” mixed with a bit of duck shooting to provide calories for a day when ski lifts were scarce and seals were nervous (because their pelts were used for climbing skins). Yes, 7 feet long and about 3 inches wide, with Dovre Kabel bindings, condition is attractive and well used, bindings somewhat rusted.

Antique Skis with Classic Clamp/Spreader, circa 1940

Vintage skis blocked to protect camber, with tip spreader to keep those tips up!

This beautiful pair of skis includes a unique camber block and tip spreader that has an elegant look and feel, but is at the same time practical. Wooden skis of this vintage tended to loose their curves with extended use and storage, so blocking the camber and tip curve was important. Great conversation piece, or a gift for the ski collector who has everything. Skis are in very nice condition, 77 inches long, 3 inches wide.

Spreader detail -- classic engineering!

Miller Soft, Dayglow Orange Version --

When dayglow was cool and Millers were so soft you could use them for bow hunting. These increadible skis are nearly new, and beautiful to behold. 78 inches long (200cm), mounted with classic Salomon bindings. All the Miller models have become classic collectibles.

Blue Cortina Skis with Spreaders, Early Marker Bindings

Blue Cortina vintage skis.
These Paris Cortina skis are state-of-art 1950s planks. Include spreader set to keep ski tips from warping and a center block to keep camber while storing them over the summer months. This is how any serious skier stored their skis from the 1930s to the 1950s. These also have classic early Marker bindings with a releasable toe.

Champlain New York Antique Wood Skis

These beauties have that styled tip that says it all about the days of wood skis, pre-1940s. Drilled, without bindings, these skis also have a strap mortise under foot. These features date these skis to pre-1930.

Tyrol Wood Skis -- Dovre Bindings

These beautiful antiques have unique through-rivet edges and a beautiful hand crafted "ridgetop."

Hickory Ridge Top Skis -- 1930's

Nice pair of 1930s hickory ridge top skis, with natural grain. Ridge top skis were typically used by racers and serious skiers, because the ridge made the ski stiffer and performed better at high speeds than a flat top ski. Hickory was the wood of choice by most ski manufacturers from the turn of the century to the 1960s. Hickory’s long straight grain made the skis very strong, durable, and water-resistant. Howard Head’s first metal skis quickly made hickory skis obsolete.

Lund Antique Skis

It's easy to confuse the name of these skis with that of Sir Arnold Lunn, who some call the inventor of modern ski racing. These "Lund" skis were state-of-the-art in the 1920s and are are probably the product of the factory founded by Christian A. Lund in St. Paul, Minn., in 1911, and which later manufactured skis under the lablels CA Lund and Northland.

This pair is black, with classic Norwegian lines that cross at the tip. These decorative stripes are routed into the skis. Early skis of this vintage frequently had a hole bored under the foot for the binding strap, as these skis do. Heavy storage wear, small chunk of wood broken from one tail. 81 inches long x approx. 3 inches wide. Beautiful and quite different than the usual wood toned vintage skis.

Vintage skis, Lund logo.

Slot milled for binding strap dates these skis to early 1900s.

Lund decal is priceless -- Perhaps it IS Sir Arnold on the planks?

1940s Antique Wood Skis -- Upgraded to 1950s
Hybrid antique wood skis.
This pair of planks was lovingly upgraded from 1940s technology to that of the 1950s, including an early Sears release binding toe. Well used condition, 78 inches long.

Beautiful Children's Antique Vintage Skis -- Not Mounted
Strand antique children's skis.
These elegant collector's skis have never been used. Strand logo on tip, which represents the Strand Ski Company from Richmond WI. They were one of the earliest ski factories in the US, owned and operated by Norwegian emigrants.
Strand logo.
Strand logo.

The vintage ski under the foot area is bored at factory for binding strap, indicating these are from the 1920s or 1930s. Beautiful! Some wear from years of storage. 41 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide.

Small Children's Skis - 1940s

Strand antique children's skis.
This pair of childrens skis is from the late 1940s or 1950s. They are well used, and missing the binding front-throw. 48 inches long.