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Vintage skiing posters have become a popular collector's item and a worthwhile investment.

Displayed on these pages are some of our favorite vintage Lange ski posters, both existing in our collection and previously sold through our online store.

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The Lange Girl Posters have been popular since 1969. Lange has annually published a new poster for decades. The Posters below are some of our favorites.

This one features the one and only Pamela Anderson and is signed by Pam to Vintage Ski World's Owner Richard Allen. He doesn't remember if this poster was created pre- or post-Baywatch?

This Poster is Not for Sale.

Vintage Lange ski boot poster.
This Poster is Not for Sale.

The famous "Tips Up" Lange ski boots promotion poster has been a favorite of skiers around the world for decades! NOW AVAILABLE again for $59.95.

Lange Poster - Keep those tips up.
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Soft Inside may be the best known and most creative Lange Poster. The model's one-piece red suit was held together by Lange ski boot buckles. This poster is still for sale as an Original Poster. Click the image to be taken to the product page.

Lange, soft inside poster.
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