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SKI POLES - Click All Images to Enlarge!

Old antique ski poles are harder to come by than skis. Displayed on these pages are some of our favorite vintage ski poles, both existing in our collection and previously sold through our online store.

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Bamboo Antique Children's Ski Poles
Beautiful children's poles, click image to enlarge.

This pair of poles made some child very happy back in the 1930s or 1940s. Baskets are made with bamboo circle and leather web -- a fragile construction that's hard to find, since many such baskets fall apart over time. Any antique bamboo ski poles are a find and an excellent decorating item. More, collectible children's antique ski gear is in shorter supply than adult equipment.

Bamboo Antique Ski Poles

Anything in bamboo and leather is your basic collector's pole. This pair is well used but the leather webbed, bent bamboo baskets are still intact. About 46 inches long.

Children's Antique Ski Poles with Wood Disk Baskets

These cute poles have wooden disks as baskets.

These are in good used condition, 26 1/2 inches long.

1930s Ski Poles with Tree Sapling Shafts

This pair of antique poles harkens back to the true roots of skiing, with shafts fashioned from saplings.

Beautiful and hard to find, 50 inches long. Imagine getting your ski poles from the forest behind your house!

Rustic 1930s Poles, Red Painted Shaft

Rustic and well used, this pair of poles from the 1930s has a unique look. 50 inches long, paint flaked, one strap broken.

Ski Poles - Antique Bamboo - 10th Mountain Division

These 10th Mt. Division classic bamboo ski poles are from the 1940s. They were manufactured by Wilby Company. Very good condition with bamboo and leather baskets. 51 inches long.

Ski Poles - Antique with Red Leather Handles

45 inches long. Used. These are Dartmouth ski poles from the 1950s.

Ski Poles - Antique with Red Plastic Handle

1950s early aluminum ski poles. Light weight aluminum replaced bamboo as the material of choice for skiers in the 50s. 48 inches long, used.

Ski Poles - Child's - Bamboo Shaft with Lower Metal Sleeve

Early use of aluminum in ski pole technology. From 1930s, 45 inches long.

Ski Poles -- Steel -- Used, Antique 10th Mountain Division

Vintage antique ski poles

58 inches long. Very strong and durable, but light in weight, which made these a favorite pole among the 10th Mt. soldiers. From the 1940's.

Special 1930s Poles with Tree Shaft

Vintage antique ski poles

This pair of antique poles takes us back to the true roots of skiing, with shafts fashioned from saplings. Beautiful and hard to find, 50 inches long.