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Ski Press & Spreader Set

Ski Press & Spreader Set

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These are another set of ski clamps to keep your ski in shape while stored over the summer.
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Vintage Ski Press & Spreader Set"FITS ALL TYPES OF SKI TIPS" - or so the box claims. This Ski Press & Spreader Set was popular from the 1940's until the mid 1960's when the metal, fiber glass and wood composite skis became the norm. The new skis did not need to be clamped or tension held in the tips, which made this product obsolete. Naturally avid skiers would want their wooden skis kept mint condition throughout all of the years of use. So it was important to have this product that held both the camber and the splay in the ski tips. This was especially true for those owning Norwegian skis (pointed tip skis), as the splay was a crucial part of the ski. The directions for this set are quite complex for ski clamps. Original 1940's ski clamps in their boxes. The conditions of some boxes vary, but all are in good condition.
FITS ALL TYPES OF SKI TIPS - or so the box claims.


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