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Vintage Ski World has a great collection of 1960s HEAD Skis

When Howard Head started experimenting with various materials to produce a revolutionary new ski, the rest of the ski world was still barely out of the Neolithic Era in terms of technology and materials. Think about it, skis from the Neolithic (maybe 10,000 years ago) up to 1945 were all wood. Snow determined with great precision how a ski needed to be shaped; it was pretty predictable. This put Head’s new metal and wood ski into perspective in terms of a renaissance idea. Getting from point A to point B wasn't all that easy, it only took him about three years to get there. In 1950 he produced 350 pairs of skis and they quickly sold out. (More info on Head Skis at bottom of the page.)

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1960's Head Master Metal Skis
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Our Price: $195.00
1960s Head Master Vintage Metal Skis
In 1947, Howard Head was an aircraft engineer for Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore, and went skiing for the first time. Head was frustrated with the quality of the clumsy and heavy wooden skis, which made skiing very difficult for beginners. He decided to develop a lighter and more efficient ski that could make skiing much easier for everyone. He left his job and devoted all his time and energy to developing the skis and supported himself with earnings from poker. This pair of Head skis were sold by Hofstetter Sports in Genève, Switzerland.  210 cm long
1970's Head 360 Metal Vintage Skis
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Our Price: $225.00
1970s Head 360 Metal Vintage Skis
Howard Head started the Head Ski Company with about $6,000 he had saved, and lost money his first year of business. That would soon change after his first few prototypes and then drastically by the time the Model 360 was introduced. The Model 360 was introduced originally in 1967 and was meant to be an all-purpose recreational version of the current racing ski made by Head. The Head 360 would go on to become one of the bestselling skis in history,  This pair of old head Skis has Salomon 727 Bindings. 205 cm long
1970's Head 720 Olympic Vintage Metal Skis
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Our Price: $275.00
1970s Head 720 Olympic Vintage Metal Skis
Head Skis were the most popular of the early metal skis. Jean Claude Killy and Stein Eriksen enjoyed contracts to ski on Head Skis in those days. This pair of Head metal skis sports a very early Tyrolia step in binding. These early Head vintage metal skis were made in Timonium, Maryland.  6' 10" - 208 CM ' long
1970's Head Killy 606 Vintage Metal Skis
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Our Price: $275.00
1970s Head Killy 606 Vintage Metal Skis

These skis are in good condition and but the photo shows a lot of camera glare that is not actually on the skis. Jean Claude Killy signed a deal with Head Skis in early 1969 to endorse a metal and fiberglass ski named for him, the Killy 800 as well as the 606 in 1970. Head, which was acquired by AMF later that year, manufactured a line of Killy skis for at least two years. These skis were made by AMF in Austria and are engraved Steven R. Thibodeau, Broomfield, Conn. 195 cm long
The Head ski was easy to turn, not too expensive and bullet proof. Millions were sold and you could still remount a pair with today’s bindings, take it out on the hill and still ski it with confidence.

Today, the Head ski is a ski icon, as is Howard Head, and his skis are very much sought after by both serious collectors and someone who just wants a wall hangar. A number of years ago one of the ski magazines made a list of the most significant skis ever made and the Head ski was among them. The list also included the late 1950's Kastle race skis, the Kneissl White Star, the Dynamic VR17, the Rossignol Strato 102, and several others. Check out our 1960s & 70s Skis Category to find some of the 'Most Significant Skis Ever Made' just listed.

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